Eye Treatment 

Relaxing & gentle treatment for around the delicate eye area.

Helps to combat signs of ageing, tiredness dryness & puffiness.

30 mins €35


Mini Facial 

This is great for a skin pick me up and introduction to facial treatments. Suitable for all skin types.

35 mins €35


Optimum Hydration Facial

This treatment intensively hydrates the upper layers of the skin without any heavy or greasy after feel. Fine lines are smoothed and the skin is left soft and supple with a radiant complexion. Ideal for all skin types especially those experiencing dehydration.  

55 mins  €65 


Oxygenating and Simulating Facial  

An oxygenating facial treatment that combats the effects that everyday pollution has on the skin, while improving its tolerance and natural protection. The oxygen in the upper layers of the skin is increased, giving a healthy glow back to the complexion. It is also recommended for smokers to improve their skin condition.

55mins  €65


Skin Calming Facial

This treatment is designed for redness and sensitive skin. It fights efficiently against redness and refreshes and soothes the skin instantly and decongests and desensitizes. It is also recommended for skin with broken capillaries.

55 mins  €65


Lifting & Firming Treatment with Vitamin C

The Vitamin C acts as an antioxidizing agent that improves the skin’s elasticity. This treatment restructures and visibly lifts the skin, and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. 

75 mins  €80


Intense Age Recovery & Radiance Expert Treatment

Targeted intense age recovery recommended for tired and mature skins. This treatment smoothes deep and fine lines, and regenerates and stimulates the epidermis so the skin is toned plumped and radiant. 

75 mins  €80


The Absolute Treatment

The ultimate well-being treatment starts with warm aromatherapy candle oil massage on your back, neck, arms and a facial designed especially for your skin. This treatment helps relieve stress and tension, invigorates your body and recharges your senses, leaving your skin soft smooth and nourished. 

90 mins  €99


Clearing Treatment 

ideal for congested and acne skins. Helps to clear and minimize pores and blackheads. Active ingredients to help clear, smooth & soften your skin. Steam and Ozone used for antibacterial properties.   

65 mins  €70 


Intensive A.H.A Treatment

The perfect age recovery booster treatment.  Smoothes deep and fine lines.  Diminishes pigmentary imperfections.  The complexion recovers radiance and luminosity.

45mins  €70



Expert Treatment Perfect for all skin types.  Helps recover your new skin.  Fights against uneven skin tones, dryness, acne scarring and their marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

45mins  €70